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As vocalist and bass player is Steve Varcoe, yeah a bass player, whoy said they couldn’t make great bass lines and rythm at the same time he is singing. Kyle Mikolajczyk in the guitar, I know, a little bit dificult to pronounce, but I’m sure you’ll never forget this name. What we’ve seen within his live videos, this is a virtuous man on guitar, with an amazing technique. And here we have Sir Taylor Greenshields attacking from behind with his drums marking presence inside the band. As you might see they are the perfect combination for a Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal band, so that’s how we realised they are an amazing band so… Why don’t make ’em some promotion? So we are here to make them known to the lovers of the good Rock with this interview:

-How did the band begin?

Kyle: HazardHead began as a result of 2 bands deaths. (Kro-Magnon & Counterpart) both respectable bands. They both broke up in July 2011 and that’s where HazardHead began. Taking Steve from Counterpart whom he was just a Frontman, and Kyle and Taylor from Kro-Magnon. We knew we were in for quite a ride.

-Who are your influences?

Kyle: Our influences are some of the most diverse in the business. Each member brings their own style to the melting pot of which is HazardHead. For I, listen to plenty of Jazz, Blues. But I’m also completely familiar with everything from 1960-Present. Not to mention all the Rap and Pop music I listen to, not always by choice in daily life.

Taylor: Mötley Crüe is a huge influence on me. Also Van Halen. But I have many musical influences. Including many blues influences like Joe Bonamassa.

-How do you define your music?

Kyle: Rock & Roll/Hard Rock/Blues

Taylor: I define HazardHead’s music as a mega-bluesy, super sleazy, party band.

-Is there any record company that have you in their sights?

Taylor: There are zero record companies looking at us at the moment.

Kyle: Maybe they do, but we just don’t know it. That’s far down the line type of stuff though.

-When do you plan to launch your first demo?

Taylor: We have two recordings being mixed as we speak! So it should be very very soon until they are thrown in the public’s faces.

-Who introduced you into the world of music?

Kyle: My Father introduced me to Queen when I was like 3. And he taught me the drums at age 5. Played guitar for first time when I was 12.

Taylor: My father played a role in introducing me to music when I used to listen to his Van Halen albums religiously as a young man in second grade.

-At what age did you start playing guitar? Who inspires you for this?

Kyle: At 12, and it’s not just one person that inspired me. I’m just happy to be entertaining people, and to have people care about what I’m actually doing.

-How do you see your career in 5 years?

Taylor: I see our band being a national act in 5 years and HazardHead being one of the States biggest, loudest, greatest Rock n’ Roll bands.

Kyle: Well, at the rate we’re going now, and as young as we are. We should definitely be internationally successful in 5 years.

-Do you hope to have a career as long as the Rolling Stones’?

Kyle: I could definitely see us being similar to The Rolling Stones in the aspect that they are still around, but we will take measures to keep our look, like our pals Mötley Crüe.

Taylor: Maybe… I rather retire to a topless beach when I’m their age.

-At the moment of write songs, you do it in group or it is an individual process?

Kyle: Steve and I come up with lyrics and guitar/bass parts and basically form the songs. But it’s really a team effort.

Taylor: When we write songs some are written individually and some are written together as a group. Either way, we all have an input in each song.

-If you could do a collaboration with anybody in the music industry, who would it be? Why?

Taylor: If I could collaborate with anybody, it would be Nikki Sixx. I think Nikki is incredibly creative and I’ve always looked up to him as a God.

Kyle: Well collaborating could mean ALOT of things (laughs). But I’ve always wanted to get in the circuit where if bands need a guitarist they just hit me up, and boom! I’m on tour. Like Foreigner, Ozzy, Faster Pussycat, any badass band basically. But if were talking about HazardHead collaborating with anyone, hopefully it would be an amazing vocalist like Vince Neil or Glenn Hughes.

-Is there any kind of ritual you do before going into the stage?

Taylor: Before I go on stage, I rub my green lucky Buddha’s bellies for good luck.

Kyle: Well, it all depends on what type of show it is, but basically the day of a show, I treat it differently than a normal day. I spend a lot of time in deep relaxation before shows. it sounds crazy, but really it just allows me to shake off the stress and mentally prepare myself for the night of madness ahead of me.

-At this point, what has been the greatest moment as a band?

Kyle: I guess I gotta go with Oct 21st 2011; we opened for Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. We got introduced by an important Detroit radio DJ, and after that show. We’ve been hungry to play bigger crowds, and make more people aware of us and most importantly, make this our lives.

-Before concluding, is there any message do you want to give to the latin american people?

Kyle: I want to say, I hope you like Rock & Roll… cuz HazardHead’s got ALOT for ya!

Taylor: I want to tell the Latin American people that HazardHead will soon be down there from Detroit to rock your tits clean off.

CHECK THEM OUT IN FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hazardhead


Interview by: The Plastics Colombia (Maddy Jane – Miss Green) https://www.facebook.com/maddy.plastics.3

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